Can You Put Cardboard in the Oven

Can You Put Pizza Cardboard in the Oven? [2021 Complete Guide]

Can You Put Cardboard in the Oven

Pizza is a delicious meal, somewhat cheap, and requires little clean-up. It is a meal almost everyone enjoys. It is best when it is hot and fresh out of the oven. Pizza always comes with a piece of Cardboard. Pizza tastes better when it’s hot, but what if it was already cold before it gets to you. You need to be sure if you can put the pizza box directly in the microwave.

Nevertheless, pizzas aren’t the only food that’s packaged with Cardboard. Some frozen foods are also packaged with Cardboard and sometimes plastics. Most times, people leave their pizzas on the Cardboard while it warms in the oven. But is it safe to leave your pizza on Cardboard while it bakes in an oven? This article tells you whether or not to leave your pizza on the Cardboard in the oven.

Can You Put Cardboard in the Oven

Is It Safe to Put Cardboard in an Oven?

Cardboards are combustible materials that can easily catch fire if heated to high temperatures for a long period in the oven. It will ignite at almost 430 degrees F, and it is not advisable to put your pizza directly on a piece of Cardboard in an oven.

However, it is safe to put a cardboard box in an oven, but some rules and procedures need to be followed. You need to maintain lots of safety issues if you want to put your pizza box or bake your pizza in a microwave. But still, there are better ways to heat your pizza outside the cardboard box.

Three Potential Reasons why Cardboard Should not be Placed in an Oven

Some frozen foods are also packed in cardboard or plastic containers. It’s better to always remove all containers before placing the food in an oven or microwave. Plastics melt when heated at a high temperature. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t put Cardboard or plastic in an oven.

Slows Down the Cooking Time

Leaving the cardboard bottom of your pizza will slow down the actual cooking time. Cardboard absorbs heat which will make it take extra time to heat your pizza. The heat can even prevent your pizza from getting crispy.

Thus, some cardboards are designed for baking in the oven, but still, they are not heatproof. So, if paper or Cardboard is not designed to cook in the oven, it is not a good idea to put the product with Cardboard into the oven. It will prevent your pizza from being nice and also slow down your cooking.

The Threat of Burning

The cardboard box can ignite at almost 430 degrees F. If you are trying to bake your pizza around 425 degrees, your pizza is at the risk of it getting burned. If you make your pizza with a Cardboard on it, the Cardboard can ignite and smoke, which will surely ruin the taste of your pizza.

Nevertheless, if you want to cook your pizza with Cardboard on it, you should get a newer oven or microwave. Newer ovens have improved heating elements which leave your pizza getting burned with lesser risk. Before you place your pizza on a Cardboard in a microwave, don’t forget the cardboard ignition point.

Makes Your Food Taste Weird

even if your Cardboard doesn’t ignite in a microwave oven, it can still smoke and spread fumes. The fumes can change the taste of your food.

Some foods come packaged in plastic; these plastics also need to be removed before the food is placed in the oven. It could melt, which will make your food inedible. So, it’s preferable to remove the plastic and Cardboard before it is placed into the microwave oven.

What to Use Instead of Cardboard

If you will be putting a frozen pizza in an oven, you should follow its instructions. Putting a frozen pizza can make the bottom soft and soggy. These are the alternatives to the Cardboard you should consider for cooking in an oven.

  • Directly on the oven rack: it is better to cook your pizza directly on a microwave or oven rack. Putting your food directly on the rack is very good for pizza. It gets the best from the bottom and the sides.
  • Aluminum foil: you can also wrap the food with aluminum foil at times to put in the oven. The aluminum foil prevents stuff from dropping into the oven and no fire issues. Though, when cooking at high temperatures, aluminum foil is not safe for acidic foods. You can use aluminum foil as an alternative in the oven instead of Cardboard.
  • On a pizza stone: pizza stones are made of ceramics which gives a good heating surface. It can also be used to bake some other frozen foods. Pizza stones make your oven-baked food crust and crispy.
  • Baking pan: there is a round shaped pizza pan that is specially made for pizzas. It allows your food to be directly heated from the bottom of the oven. It also prevents food from dripping into the oven. You can cook directly on a pan in the oven instead of cardboard.
  • On a cookie sheet: a cookie sheet is not as expensive as a baking pan or pizza stone. It gives your pizza a nice flat base surface. Although it might not give your pizza a crispy taste like others, you won’t have to worry about burning.

Four Ways to Reheat in the Oven Without Using Cardboard

  • On the grill: the grill is suitable to reheat pizza or other frozen foods without using a cardboard box. Preheat the grill at a medium temperature, then place the food on the grill for a few minutes.
  • In a toaster oven: preheat the toaster oven for a few minutes, just like that of the grill. The toaster oven doesn’t have enough space to contain the whole pizza at a time. You can only heat by the slice.
  • On the stove: the stove is also a proper way of reheating your frozen foods; you can use a skillet on the stove. Ensure you heat the skillet and cover it with a pan to trap the heat until the food or cheese melts.
  • In the microwave: if you want to make use of a microwave to heat your pizza, put a piece of paper towel underneath the pizza. It will help soak up the moisture and prevent it from burning. But make sure you lower the temperature of the microwave to have an even heating.

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You can put cardboard paper in the oven, but there are some certain rules and procedures you just have to follow. cardboards are designed to warm up in the oven for some time but not all cardboard is safe to put in the oven. Cardboards can ignite at a temperature of 420 degrees F.

To be on the safer side, don’t put Cardboard in the oven. Go for a safer alternative like a pizza stone, baking pan, cooking sheet, or even directly on the rack. Your pizza will taste better and crispy with these alternatives, and you will even rest assured it won’t catch fire.

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