How to Make Cheese Quesadilla

How to Make Cheese Quesadilla- Everything Quesadillas

How to Make Cheese Quesadilla

To make a cheese quesadilla is a piece of cake! Quesadilla is an ear of modest corn or heated tortilla with melted cheese in it.

Besides, you can put anything in a quesadilla. Ingredients like meat, spices, and vegetables are also added to the quesadilla. This essential recipe takes a minute to prepare and uses Mexican cheeses. A full quesadilla takes two tortillas with a filling in between, while a half tortilla is a single tortilla folded into a half-moon shape.

The toppings can be guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. There isn’t much in this world better than crispy, golden brown flour heated tortillas with melted cheese inside them. Quesadilla stuffed with chicken and pepper is delicious. But there’s nothing more satisfying than a classic cheese quesadilla.

How to Make Cheese Quesadilla

Corn or Flour Tortillas for Quesadilla

Quesadillas are often made with corn tortillas and not wheat flour in Mexico. A corn tortilla has a lot of flavor and texture in it, while a flour tortilla requires a dose of vegetable shortening for the dough to bind together.

Flour tortillas are softer than corn tortillas but don’t have the same level of flavor. Corn tortilla has a specific consistency; it tends to be on the smaller side as a corn tortilla that is too big might break apart. While a flour tortilla comes in huge size compared to a corn tortilla, it can stretch and bend better.

Corn tortillas are yellow and smaller than flour tortillas. Flour tortillas are much whiter in color. It is made from flour, a pinch of salt, and water. A corn tortilla is a little bit complex but offers more health benefits than a flour tortilla. Thus, you can have either of the two in your preferred taste and style. You will enjoy whichever one it is.

The Best Cheese for Quesadilla.

When making cheese quesadilla, you have to buy flavorful cheese that melts well. Using Mexican cheese will make your quesadilla taste awesome. Chihuahua and Oaxaca cheese melts easily and has a luxurious stretch. Mozzarella is too mild, so that you can use a combination of mozzarella and Monterey Jack for your quesadilla. There is also Manchego cheese.

Shredded cheese will make your quesadilla taste the best. However, pre-shredded cheese tends to reduce clumping, which will affect the flavor and texture. So, it’s quite better to buy block cheese. Block cheese tastes creamy and fresh and also melts perfectly.

How to Make Cheese Quesadillas

A cheese quesadilla is very quick and simple to make.

To Prepare the tortilla, you need to heat the tortilla for a few seconds in a skillet until it is easily foldable. Ensure your skillet is hot; if it is not hot, the tortilla will soak up in the oil pan and might not crisp up.

If there is a need to add an extra flavor, it is better to replace the oil with butter. Divide the cheese evenly and sprinkle it on one half of each tortilla. You can add extra cheese to your quesadilla but be careful not to overfill it. If the filling gets too much, the quesadilla won’t get heated, and it will be hard to remove from the pan. Also, sprinkle it with a minimum of salt.

The tortilla should be folded over the cheese to create a half-moon shape. Cook the quesadilla for 1-2 minutes until the tortilla is slightly golden brown on one side. Flip and cook until the cheese is melted. Cut them in half and serve with sour cream or your favorite salsa. Also, eat immediately.

Note: if you will be adding meat to your cheese quesadilla, it is better to preheat before adding. The cooking of quesadilla may not be sufficient to heat the meat through.

Ingredients for Cheesy Quesadilla

  • 2 medium flour tortillas
  • 2/3 cups of shredded cheese (Oaxaca, Chihuahua, Monetary Jack, Mozzarella, or any favorite melting cheese)
  • 2 to 3 spoon fillings: cooked meat, leftover cooked vegetables, fresh or frozen corn, cooked beans, or any leftovers.
  • 2 teaspoons of butter or vegetable oil.
  • Add salt to taste.


  • Prepare the filling: pick a few of the recommended ingredients above to make 2 to 3 cups of filling. Warm the leftovers briefly in a microwave or pan over medium heat if using leftovers. And if using raw ingredients, cook before making the quesadillas. Place the filling into a bowl and cover to keep warm.
  • Melt ½ teaspoon butter or oil in the skillet: too much oil will make your quesadilla soggy instead of crispy. Use minimal to coat the bottom of your skillet. Warm it in the skillet over medium heat. The key to a crispy cheese quesadilla is less oil in the skillet.
  • Add the tortilla and cheese as the topping: put 1 tortilla in the skillet and sprinkle with ½ cup cheese.
  • Add the filling: don’t add too much filling, or else it will fall out as you try to eat it. Spread ½ cup of filling in a single layer over just ½ the tortilla. Add the filling as the cheese melts.
  • Watch for the cheese to melt: once the cheese melts, start lifting the tortilla and checking the underside not to burn. Once the cheese has melted completely, you see the golden brown spots on the tortilla.
  • Fold the quesadilla in a half-moon shape: sandwich the filling by folding the quesadilla in a half shape.
  • Place on a cutting board and cut into sizes: let it cool for a minute or two for the cheese to set, then cut into sizes before serving.

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Best Cheese Quesadilla Fillings

Once you are perfect with making a regular quesadilla, you can also try quesadilla fillings. Practically, everything blends well with cheese and tortillas, so you can fill whatever you want in your quesadilla. Some of the best fillings of quesadilla include:

  • Leafy greens
  • Sliced onions and chili pepper
  • Shrimp
  • Black bean
  • Grilled corn
  • Thinly sliced apple
  • Sausage
  • Mushroom

You can put anything of your choice into your cheese quesadilla.

Can Cheese Quesadilla be made with an oven?

Yes, Quesadilla can be baked in the oven. It allows you to make multiple at the same time. It takes longer to get a crispy quesadilla in the oven than on a pan. When you are making use of an uncooked tortilla, it needs to be cooked first.

Once the quesadilla is arranged with the tortillas, spray the tray with butter or oil. The little butter sprayed will help the tortilla golden up smoothly. Pop it into the oven to bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes or till the tortilla is golden brown.

However, they don’t quite come out crispy as you can make them on a frying pan. There’s a chance of pressing it down firmly if made on a pan. But oven-baked cheese quesadillas are still crispy enough.

Reheating Cheese Quesadilla

Cheese quesadillas are best served hot from the stovetop. Although, you can end up with leftovers at times. Quesadillas should not be reheated in a microwave to avoid the tortilla being soggy.

You can reheat quesadilla with either a skillet on the stovetop or an oven. Reheat the quesadilla over low, medium heat in a skillet until it is heated through. This will prevent the quesadilla from becoming soft or soggy.

You can also reheat the cheese quesadilla in an oven. It should be placed on a baking sheet and heated at 350 degrees F for 5 to 10 minutes. It would be best if you flipped it once while reheating. Store any leftovers of quesadilla in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to two days.

What to Serve With Quesadilla

Serving cheese quesadillas with different spices will make each bite more delicious. It can be served as a meal with soup, with salad. It is also great for a quick snack. You can include one of these tasty spices at the side when having your cheese quesadilla.

  • Guacamole
  • Sour cream
  • Salsa or Pico de gallo
  • Fresh black bean salad
  • Spicy black bean soup

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Quesadilla is a perfect quick meal. The best cheese quesadilla takes a few minutes to prepare. It turns out crispy, creamy and delicious on the stovetop or skillet better. It is made with flour tortilla, shredded cheese, chicken breast, or veggies, depending on your style. It is a great snack yet a satisfying and easy meal. Quesadillas can be made in many different ways but consider this recipe one of the best ways to make a cheese quesadilla.

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